In 1987, Glenn Midgley began working with Henry, serving the needs of the community.  When Henry retired, the name of the mortuary was changed to Midgley Gardenside Mortuary.  Our values and desire for service remained the same.  Glenn Midgley decided to make the mortuary more personal to the community so the name was changed in 2015 to Catalina Island Mortuary.  The focus and values remain the same...quality service, fair prices and compassion and care to our island community.  It is an honor to continue this tradition of service to our community.

​Who we are

Catalina Island Mortuary began in 1952 as Halverson Leavell Mortuary.  The focus was on serving our island community with dignity, compassion understanding and friendly care at at time when it was needed most.  Henry Halverson was the director and owner and a resident of the island.